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Amendment to Chapter 13-244
Hawaii Administrative Rules
July 27, 2012

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1. A new section 13-244-15.5, Hawaii Administrative
Rules, is added.

Operation of power driven vessels.
(a) Any person operating a power driven vessel on the
waters of the State shall be required to possess a
certificate of completion from a National Association
of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) approved
course on the safe use and operation of a power driven
vessel that contains a component on Hawaii waters
approved by the department. Exempt from this
requirement are persons who:
(1) Possess a valid merchant mariner credential
to operate a vessel issued by the United
States Coast Guard pursuant to 46 CFR Part 10;
(2) Operate a thrill craft in a commercial
thrill craft zone as authorized by the State;
(3) Operate a motor vessel that is ten
horsepower or less, or
(4) Are on a voyage originating outside of the
State and remain in the State less than
sixty calendar days.
(b) A person under sixteen (16) years of age
shall not operate a power driven vessel on the waters
of the State unless the person possesses a certificate
of completion and is also accompanied on-board and
directly supervised by a person twenty-one (21) years
of age or older who holds the required certificate of
(c) A person or the person's responsible
managing employee or agent engaged in the business of
renting or leasing power driven vessels shall not rent
or lease a power driven vessel to any person for
operation on the waters of the State unless the
(1) Meets all the requirements of this section
by receiving a safety briefing provided by
the rental or leasing business that is
approved by the department; and
( 2)  Is identified on the rental or lease
agreement for a power driven vessel by name
and age. A person or the person's agent or
employee renting or leasing power driven
vessels who fails to request and inspect
certificates or evidence of exemption is in
violation of this section.
(d) A person who is operating a power driven
vessel on any waters of the State and who is stopped
by a law enforcement officer shall present to the
officer, upon request, a certificate of completion
required by this section or acceptable evidence of
exemption from the required certificate. Failure to
present a certificate of completion or acceptable
evidence of exemption shall constitute a violation of
this section, unless the person presents the required
certificate or evidence of exemption to a court of law
and satisfies the court that this person held a proper
certificate or was exempt at the time the person was
asked to produce the certificate.
(e) A person who alters, forges, counterfeits,
or falsifies a certificate or other document used as
evidence, or who possesses a certificate or other
document that has been altered, forged, counterfeited,
or falsified, or who loans or permits that person's
certificate or other document to be used by another
person, shall be in violation of this section.
(f) The department shall maintain a list of
NASBLA approved courses that provide a department
approved component on Hawaii waters, which shall
include but not be limited to:
(1) Local ocean safety principles and practices; and
(2) Any rules or laws pertaining to protected
species and power driven vessel operation in the State.
(g) This section shall be enforced beginning on
the second anniversary date of the section's effective date.
(h) Pursuant to section 200-25, Hawaii Revised
Statutes, any person violating this section shall be
fined not less than $50 and not more than $1000 or
sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not more than
thirty days, or both, for each violation; provided
that in addition to, or as a condition to the
suspension of, the fines and penalties, the court may
deprive the offender of the privilege of operating any
vessel in the waters of the State for a period of not
more than thirty days.

The amendment to Chapter 13-244, Hawaii
Administrative Rules, on the Summary Page dated July 27,
2012, was adopt?ed·' oh ·july 27, 2012, following public
hearings held in Lihue, Kauai; Aiea, Oahu; Kahului, Maui;
and Hilo and Kona, Hawaii Island on May 30, 2012 and May
31, 2012. Public notices were given in the Garden Isle,
Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Maui News, Hawaii Tribune
Herald, and West Hawaii Today between April 19, 2012 and
April 22, 2012.
The amendment shall take effect ten days after
filing with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.
Board of Land and Natural

COMPLIANT INTERNET COURSES AVAILABLE NOW INCLUDE: (Customer Service/Support – 800-830-2268) (Customer Service/Support – 866-764-2628) (free) (Customer Service/Support – 800-245-2628)

Please call the appropriate course provider for technical support, to order replacement cards, or if cards/certificates were never received.

For boaters who completed the or the on-line courses: 

If you successfully completed either the or the Internet course, you received a paper certificate and a plastic card.  If your plastic boater ID card already bears the blue course approval stamp, no other action is required. Display your credentials to all enforcement personnel to demonstrate that you have taken a State-required boating safety course.