Gateway Peninsula

Gateway Peninsula - It's the first complex you see when entering Hawaii Kai from the west.  Fairly large for condos, these units can be about 1800sqft, and many are right on the water with a dock right in front.  Built in the 70's, the complex is starting to feel old and will probably need a facelift soon.  The units that have been remodeled are very nice, and many have a nice view.  One problem in Gateway Peninsula is that it's right near the higway.  You can see and hear the cars crossing the bridge over the marina.  There is a very small pool and meeting room, but since it's a small complex, they are big enough.  Every time I've shown the units in here, buyers seem to be deterred by the highway noise.  There are a few units that don't face the highway, but those are in a real narrow canal part of the water.