Kalele Kai

Kalele Kai Built in 1993 a highrise though it's only 4 stories tall, it may be the most well constructed of the marina front condos.  It feels like a hotel when you walk in, built out of concrete with high ceilings and a very solid feeling structure.  The units in Kalele Kai can be quite large, at about 2000sqft, though none of them have a private walk out dock.  You can rent a dock and they seem to be available often.  

Many of them face Keahole st or Safeway, which is not very desirable.  The units that face the marina can be great.  Kalele Kai has some two story townhomes as well as the low rise buildings, and those townhomes sit right up on the marina with great frontage and views.  ~$20,000 per boat dock.

You can walk out the gate of Kalele Kai to the Safeway center, where you have great little restaurants and a nice coffee shop right on the water.  These condos feel modern but some units still need some updating on the inside.  You have to be picky in Kalele Kai so you don't end up with a lot of noise or a view of Safeway's roof, but the nice units here are hard to beat.  
There is a pool but not much else other than the marina.  When they were built, they were upper end condos for working professionals, so the whole place feels quite upscale. The nice units tend to be about $1million.