Koko Isle

Koko Isle - One of the few actual islands, Koko Isle is a very unique little neighborhood.  Small two story townhomes that look a bit cheap from outside, these units can be renovated to very nice condition.  They take a bit of getting used to, since they look as if they might fall in the water, with posts that stick up out of the water to support the townhomes.  

I've seen some very nice townhomes in Koko Isle, but some of my buyers can't get past the exteriors.  For some reason the association keeps the place looking very gray, and sort of shabby, but Koko Isle is like the ugly duckling of Hawaii Kai, where what's inside is a lot more attractive than what's outside.  And while the buildings are kind of plain Jane, the grounds are kept nice and green.  I just hope they choose a new color next time they paint.


Privacy is easily found here, as there is just one little bridge in and out of Koko Isle, and management seems to be good about watching out for the neighbors' safety.  The huge advantage that Koko Isle has is that every marina front unit has direct and private dock access.  

You can get a townhome with your own private lanai leading to your own private dock.  Depending on the location, you might be able to get a 40 foot boat in front of your home.