Mawaena Kai

Mawaena Kai - In the heart of Hawaii Kai is a nice two story townhouse project built in 1988 called Mawaena Kai.  They look nice, and since they're built wide like a house, they feel spacious.  People inquire about Mawaena Kai a lot because they often see as Leasehold with the fee available, which means they list cheaper than they sell for.  The regular Fee Simple Price is about $600k-$750k.


Views of Koko Head are great, and face away from the setting sun.  Most sit on a nice wide part of the water, and though you can't have a private dock out your door, you can rent one of the many docks available.  This is a popular complex that faces The Peninsula, and has a pretty nice neighborhood feeling.  

All the buildings are on the water, so all you have to do is pick the right unit.  A lot of them are small, at around 1100-1200 sqft, but the ability to walk out the door to the grass then the marina makes them live larger.