Spinnaker Isle

Spinnaker Isle - It's more like a street than an actual neighborhood.  Kumukahi Pl is just one forked street that many people don't know about, shaped like a big "U".  Built in the 60's mostly, the original homes were small at about 1500sqft, single story, and very simple.  About 1/3 of the homes have been either rebuilt or renovated, with a few of the homes now well over 3000sqft. $2million will get you a nice, newish home with all the upgrades and great marina frontage.  The homes on the inner side of the U shaped street are on a very narrow part of the marina, so that you could not turn a boat around.  If you can get one on the outside of the "U", then you're going to have wide frontage and good marina depth.  The ends of each side of the street and the outside of the left fork are the best locations, looking straight down the water for several hundred yards.