The Peninsula

The Peninsula - The Peninsula condos and townhomes were built in 2004 and are the most recent addition to our marina community.  They are quite simple, but feel very nice.  I wouldn't say luxurious, but I would say clean, contemporary, and well kept.  Only a couple of the townhouses have actual docks in front, and there are a small number of docks you can rent.  And if you see the Colony listed as marina front, it's not.  None of the Colony units are on the marina.  

The Peninsula is a great gated community with 2 pools, walking paths, a workout room, a meeting room, and some very nice landscaping.  It's not ideal for boat owners (except for the single family homes with docks) but if you want to live on the water, they are a great option.  There hadn't been anything built on the water for 15 years until the Peninsula came along, so if you like newer, this is your best option.