West Marina

West Marina - If it isn't in one of the above neighborhoods, but it's marina front in Hawaii Kai, then it's probably West Marina.  I'm not sure where this neighborhood begins and ends, and I've never heard anyone use this term to describe where they live.  It encompasses all the little streets of Hawaii Kai that are on the marina, several of the homes that are actually on Hawaii Kai Dr, and a whole bunch of homes off Keahole st.  Since it's kind of broad, it's hard to describe altogether.  

There are tiny narrow streets like Awini Pl, Awini Way, where the marina becomes more like a tiny canal.   Homes tend to be smaller, a little more run down, with narrow streets.  However, some people have renovated some homes on these little streets and made them very nice.  If you pick up one of the old houses and redo it yourself, you're probably going to save a ton of money, while at the same time you drive yourself crazy with the remodeling process.  

There are homes on Hawaii Kaidrive and just off of it, that have great marina frontage with great width, and large beautiful homes.  Ainahou st and 9 of the homes on Kaiolohia Pl are great examples of marina front living.  These rarely come up for sale and when they were built in the 80's, they were nice high end homes.  These have some of the best water frontage so if you see one, grab it!